Our barn is currently inhabited by vehicles (5 downstairs, 3 up), junk, and trash. Supposedly, the cars are leaving on Saturday and then the barn will be All Ours so we can really get down to business on the inside–sistering up rafters, replacing floorboards, and scabbing in some new purlin sections. That’s the scene:

Ralph wants to take this Buick to his new place and thinks he’ll be able to get it up and running again. I’m a bit skeptical…

Each of the four of us (Tyler, Elsie, Seth and Anna) are assigned a different horsedrawn equipment book, and Seth says that, based on his readings in Haying with Horses by Lynn Miller, this will be an ideal side-delivery rake for us.

Here are two of the tractors that came with the farm: an Oliver (big, 65 or 70 horsepower) and Polly, a Ford 8N. Somehow, Polly’s gear map doesn’t match up with the gearshift, and I haven’t been able to find 1st or 2nd gear at all. Very mysterious. Ideas?


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