The long pause on blog entries has been due not to a dearth of excitement but rather to an overwhelming amount of momentousness! Our baby, Ada Ruth Yentes-Quinn, was born at 4:23 am on Wednesday, September 22, 2010. She weighed 8 lbs, 3 0z, was 20 3/8 inches long, and she is a star. Chris and Lucretia attended the birth, and of course Seth. Julie, the other midwife, almost made it, and had she been driving at 80 mph from Mount Desert Island instead of only 70 mph she would have gotten here in time–as it was, she was there for most of the important parts afterward.

I want to give a giant thank you to everyone who has helped us out in the last two and a half weeks with food, laundry, dishes, company, and work on the farm. The local family members kept us overflowing with tasty dishes and help in many forms from day one, and the not-so-local family members have been beating back the piles of dishes and diapers and building our house and threshing our beans and mucking our barn for close to two weeks now. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thanks also to everyone who sent kind words through phone, mail and email. It has been such a boost, even though I may not get the chance to personally thank each person.

Here are some photos of Ada and our families, for those who are interested.

Just a few minutes after she was born…

Chris giving Ada her newborn check-up, under the watchful eyes of the family.

Above: Ada about to get weighed.
Below: Copious numbers of photos of Ada and people who adore her.


Mary Kate, my dearest one and only sister.

Gran, Aunt Mary Kate, Greatgran



Ada and a good view of the super-cute hemangioma on her ear–something that will probably go away by itself over time.

Noni and Grandpa

On the second floor of our little house!


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