I told Elsie I wasn’t sure what to put on the blog today and she said, “Lots and lots of rain,” which is true…and although I’ve already written a couple times this summer about the precipitation, it’s still true: we’re getting Lots and Lots of rain.

Here’s the July 1st snapshot of what’s going on around the farm:


Our little chick, Fez, is a character. I finally looked her up, and I think she’s a White Crested Black Polish. She was our bonus chick and is growing up with our future laying hen flock of Black Australorps and Partridge Rocks.












The garlic is scaping.











The onions are growing–now that we’re past the solstice, they should be sending growth down into the bulbs and starting to fatten up.














The 2013 nursery is doing swimmingly. It would be even more swimming if it weren’t on such well-drained, sandy soil.














Looking forward to our first crop of high bush blueberries this year–the plants are small, but we realized recently that even small plants, when there are 750 of them, could produce a considerable amount of blueberries.



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