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We have a seasonal dairy operation, meaning we milk only nine months out of the year and give our cows and ourselves a break for the remaining three months. Our dairy herd of 7 cows is a mixture of American Milking DevonsCanadiennes (Black Jerseys), and Jerseys. With a high butterfat content, their milk is creamy and very delicious. They live a good life grazing on fresh pasture during the summer and fall months when we are milking and have a three-month vacation from milking where they roam a large field with free-choice organic hay.





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Our Creamery

Here at North Branch are delighted to announce that we are in the process of starting a farmstead creamery! We are in the midst of building facilities to make and age hard cheeses. We’re currently in the research and development phase with our cheesemaking. This year we’re trying on a variety of different cheeses to see which ones we’ll choose to keep making for years to come. Make sure to keep an eye out for North Branch Farm cheeses at your local cheese counter in the next couple years!

Elsie keeps a blog that follows the journey of our creamery from the very beginning. Click the link below to read about our creamery adventure.

North Branch Creamery Blog


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